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Part Two ~ Debunking the Runaway Myth: Asha & Her Family’s Profile


It’s important to know just who Asha and her family are if we’re to identify who’s responsible for her disappearance and bring her home. It is my hope-upon-hope wherein the right person, after reading my words within these pages, comes forward and identifies this monster.

‘They’ already know him.

It’s just a matter of time.

There is always hope, and cases like Asha’s have been solved after decades; all it takes is one overlooked clue, one person, one mistake. And in my research I’ve found a mistake–or two–that this monster’s made.

But first things first and educating one’s self is vital, so I’ll take it step by step, here.

I’ve compiled Asha’s profile and knowing who she is, is important to identify my reasoning for labeling her as a non-runaway.


• Happy
• Very shy
• Quiet
• Intelligent
• Honors student
• Close to her sibling
• Afraid of the dark
‘Deathly’ afraid of dogs
• Feared thunder
• Loved school
• Fun-filled
• Well thought of by teachers
• Notable school attendance
• Conscientious
• Self pride
• Holds herself accountable
• Responsible
• Team player
• Capable of making friends
• People pleaser

Asha is a model child; she cares about grades, performance, family, all attributes that betray her values: family, friends and her responsibility to others. Conversely, I’ll identify the runaway personalities and life situations on the next page, that contribute to kids running away, abandoning their friends and family (along with notes relating to Asha’s case and how she does not fit this profile). .


• Loving home
• Both parents in home
• Responsible/productive parents
• Life centered around trusting, loving people
• Close ties with family members
• Parents openly affectionate and supportive
• Stable home life
• Structured home life/predictable
• Parents hold kids accountable
• Parents are above average in hands-on involvement
• Attend extracurricular activities
• Attend church
• Close ties to their community
• No problems with substance abuse
• No problems with child abuse or neglect
• No reports of domestic abuse/violence
• Both employed
• Very low risk lifestyle

Both Asha and her brother, O’Bryant were fully supervised, supported and attended to by both parents and close, extended family. Too, neither child had access to the outside influences of the internet and cell phones.

It’s important to note how attentive Asha’s parents are to fully comprehend the ‘no-runway’ factor and the other possibilities I’ll broach in later pages. You may find yourself referring back to these character composites in subsequent pages, as these lists support my reasoning.

Taking all these considerations into play, I’ve a strong suspicion of who is responsible. As I mentioned, it’s just a matter of time before ‘the alibi’ comes to a 180 degree full-on realization. And I hope my words help with this disclosure.


Page Poser: Would you agree that Asha’s close-knit family and their low-risk lifestyle makes for a stronger case a known offender is responsible for Asha’s disappearance?



  1. Marie Quiles says:

    I think your dedication to Asha is amazing. Ive read a lot about her disappearance and the statements from
    Her family. What if this person is still in contact with the family and they don’t even know it? Its possible this person helped in the search. When you mentioned she took her uniform, I couldn’t help but suspect her coach… I’m curious if the family has ever reached out to you to discuss who you think did this? I pray for resolution and closure for this family.


    • findingasha says:

      What I’ve found about the uniform is only one news report where family is interviewed and one or two newspaper reports that mention the uniform going missing, then nothing, no ‘corrections’ nothing. I haven’t spoken to Asha’s family, as I think it’s best they approach me if they are comfortable. The last thing I want to do is upset anyone with what I’ve learned. I do believe the person responsible for Asha’s disappearance is known to the family with what I have found recently. I could, of course be wrong, and that would be terrible to point a finger in the wrong direction. While I don’t think I’m wrong, I’m not law enforcement and don’t have much of a voice. I do believe the truth will come out! Thanks for your insight and taking the time to comment; every little bit helps. 🙂


  2. Braxton says:

    That’s could be right cause one I don’t believe this girl left on her own her personality says other wise I believe she went with Somone that’s she trust (close) to the family I know that’s right how else could this case be so cold with very few clues it would explain how the backpack and her supplies were put in very supiocous places


    • Hi Braxton, I don’t know anything for sure, so all I or anyone can do is suppose what could have happened. Since there are like you said, very few clues exist. If we keep Asha’s name and face alive, maybe we can bring her home that way!


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