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Taking Asha’s Disappearance Apart Bit by Bit: Debunking the ‘Runaway’ Possibility

While I believe that Asha did, indeed ‘leave’ her home willingly, she did not run away. Why the assertion Asha didn’t run away? It’s quite complicated and I hope to enlighten readers with how I came to this determination after learning the facts.

It is clear that Asha packed her backpack and on February 14th–her parent’s anniversary–left her home of her own free will in the wee hours of that cold, rainy, foggy Monday morning.

At around 3:45, the first of two motorists spotted a person fitting Asha’s size, dress and backpack walking alone on Highway 18 (1.3 miles south of the Degree’s house), the same route as her school bus. The second driver spotted someone who is believed to be Asha near the intersection of Highway 180, at around 4:15 a.m.

It is believed Asha was dressed in head-to-toe white: jeans, shirt and sneakers carrying a black backpack and lime green purse with Tweety Bird on its front.

Asha’s fourth grade class had just finished studying the children’s classic, The Whipping Boy and suggestion has it that Asha may have been influenced by the book’s characters, where two boys run away together, experiencing quite an adventure before returning home.

I’ll debunk this ideal completely and perhaps others will see my argument as valid.

But first, let’s take an in depth (as much as I’m able) look at who Asha is as well as her family life on the following page.

Page Poser: Are you familiar with the story, The Whipping Boy? After reading this page have your thoughts changed?

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