Finding Asha Degree, Shelby's Sweetheart

Important Points to Consider


Here is what I’ve come to understand, thus far from Asha’s profile I talked about, earlier:

• Happy: Asha had no reason whatsoever to run away from happiness


• Very shy: This social anxiety is a fear of the unknown; Asha trusts only those in her world


• Intelligent: Asha had to make sense of any plan to leave secretly and keep any secret


• Close to her sibling: Perpetrator knew O’Bryant well and must have considered the relationship if he’s

to make his secret safe with Asha.


• Afraid of the dark: It was pitch-black dark; Asha had to feel safe and in the company of a trusted person


‘Deathly’ afraid of dogs: It’s near impossible Asha would step out alone esp. rural area/the woods. The

first barking dog would have sent he hurrying home in a panic.


• Feared thunder: The night was stormy, the rain a downpour; she had to be in known company


• Loved school: Asha only missed one school day several months earlier; she left on a school day


• Fun-filled: Enjoyed the company of friends & family;  receptive to celebrating


• Conscientious: Asha’s obedience supports the ‘good secret’ ideal; stayed away from trouble


• Self pride: Enjoyed doing things right; followed the direction of authority/those she trusted


• Holds herself accountable: Further supports she believed she was doing the right thing by leaving


• Responsible: Doesn’t engage in risky/bad behaviors; takes care in what she does


• Team player: Eager to participate in group efforts with only those she knows


• People pleaser: Easily manipulated into doing things to make others happy; doesn’t want to hurt feelings


• Perpetrator had to have known about Asha’s clothing, parent’s anniversary, The Whipping Boy story, Asha’s schedule, her personality; too many inside facets of her life only an insider would know to successfully pull this scheme off.



In summary, it’s an extreme stretch of the imagination that Asha’s actions would be in complete contradiction to everything she knows, everything she’s known to do. Too, it’s a hard stretch that Asha would purposefully ruin her parent’s anniversary by running off for even one day, having her close and extended family, schoolmates–everyone she knows–angry and disappointed in her.

Not plausible.

Not possible.

Someone who knew Asha, her brother and her parents (enough to know their anniversary date) AND had regular access to Asha, is responsible for getting this sheltered child out of her own, happy home and of her own free will.

On the next page I’ll talk about Asha’s bookbag and how its contents reveals even more about this monster who is responsible for Asha’s disappearance.


Page Poser: After her profile recap here, are you finding it harder to broach the idea a child like Asha would consider leaving out in the dark of night in such a rural area? Why or why not? Please know, I’m not looking for everyone to believe my ideals. It’s important to get input from every angle in researching anything.



  1. Sherran Osborne says:

    maybe the person told her to pack special clothes for the anniversary and to not let her parents know what was packed so he offered to pick up the bookbag and take it to school for her so she could change into her favorite clothes.


    • findingasha says:

      Yes, that seems to be the most logical of theories. Since Asha had many common fears, it’s not practical to consider
      she ‘peeled off’ her phobias off at her doorstep and ran off on some grand adventure. One has to lean on the disciplines
      of psychology here: what she was comfortable doing; where she was comfortable doing it, and with whom was she comfortable
      with. You’re very insightful Sherran, so keep up with your thoughts! and thanks for being part of the blog.


  2. Dee says:

    She definitely knew who took her. It’s a cold and rainy evening in February and she doesn’t take her coat…. That leads me to believe that she felt she didn’t need one because there would be a warm car waiting for her with someone she trusted. I’m still reading, will comment again I’m sure. I’m so glad there is some new information in this case as of today. I have friends that live in Casar and see the sign every time we go.


    • Hi Dee, Thanks so much for stopping by the blog. Together, we can all figure things out. I’m working on a few LE formulas that seem to be promising in these sorts of missing children cases. Hopefully, my studies will prove successful. Keep checking back and adding your input! ~Wendy


  3. Lacy says:

    Are you positing that Asha intended to only drop off the bookbag of clothes, pictures, etc; i.e. she believed she was to meet someone to then hold on to this item(s)? I never thought of that…but it does make some sense when you think about everything you just provided in “important points” about Asha and that she wasn’t wearing appropriate clothing for the weather, i.e. she didn’t think she’d be gone long or that she believed she was coming back home…


    • Yes, Lacy, that’s what I’m going with. When children under age 12 leave home at ungodly hours, under-dressed during, at times, raging sheets of bone-chilling rain in utter darkness, it won’t be alone–and the companion would be known to the family. The problem most folks have is putting themselves in those conditions. Its easy to accept that a child left home and started walking when we read words on a screen. BUT when one really takes every factor and shoulders it, there’s no way any of us could imagine such a feat. I’m remaining hopeful, and wouldn’t be surprised if we are pleasantly surprised. Thanks so much for your input. Keep thinking!


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