Finding Asha Degree, Shelby's Sweetheart

The Adult Mind Behind the Bag


Because I’m speaking speculatively, it would be ignorant and even cruel of me to make suppositions of any abduction scenario, so I won’t go beyond the bag and the front door. I’ll stick to conveying my belief that the offender intended to create the impression that Asha ran away.

At nine years old, kids leaving home for any length of time is a big event. Asha didn’t pack the bag to be gone any appreciable length of time, like overnight or a weekend; she packed it based on whatever concocted story she was given that probably included a change of clothes for the day’s event.

One day.

I believe this individual knew Asha’s wardrobe or may have suggested she include Valentine’s Day-type clothing. Remember, a red vest and black shoes, not ‘black sneakers’ were reported missing.

It is my guess the three outfits (possibly four if one includes the white pants and shirt Asha was spotted wearing) were to divert investigators’ attention from considering Asha’s disappearance an abduction. Since we know Asha didn’t run away, it’s clear that an adult wanted the bag’s contents to reflect the forethought and intention that running away requires.

But nothing about the bag (that we, the public know) reflects Asha’s 9-year-old personality, i.e. a teddy bear or other plush animal, maybe an old blanket for comfort or a flashlight. I’ve know college students who’ve packed their baby blankets and/or teddy bears when leaving for college.

What’s not packed is very telling. 

Asha may have been told three photos were needed as part of a party display. The family photos (I can only assume they were from a collection and not her wallet) reflect an adult’s thought process. Kids Asha’s age don’t think in terms of, I’ll need photos to remember my family by.

Such a thought would have petrified Asha and she would have been wrapt in unimaginable fear; surely this ‘forever’ notion would deter Asha from leaving her home. We’re talking about a child whose own grandmother wouldn’t suffice in place of mom or dad while vacationing at the beach. Consider this statement reported by Grandma: “She never barely left home. I even took her on vacation once and she wanted to be with her parents after two days.”

On the next page I’ll explain what I feel is the most telling among my suspicions.


Page Poser: Has anything on this page helped shape your opinion on way or the other about Asha’s disappearance?  



  1. Sherran Osborne says:

    mabe the perp told her to wear white so he could see her in the dark.


  2. Sarahkamc says:

    My thoughts for the photos was for a party display as well. My mom was a party planner and always had people bring photos. That is something an adult would know and tell a child to bring all while trying to make it look like a runaway scenario.


    • Thanks Sarah for your input about the pictures. Of course, what I’ve written was based off reports, and I have no experience with event planning, so thanks for validating that picture theory is plausible, after all. 🙂


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