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Because Nothing Makes Sense, It Makes Perfect Sense


My title may leave you wondering where this verbiage fits into Asha’s world: her personality, her motivation for leaving her secure, loving home and taking into account her shyness, fear of the dark and dogs.

Well, the essence of the matter is, what we do know thus far doesn’t fit Asha anywhere–and it shouldn’t.

Because none of what we ‘know’ belongs to Asha; step-by-step, it belongs in the mind of the person responsible for Asha’s actions. What happened was the design of an organized adult with intimate knowledge of Asha’s life. And I believe this plan was long in the making, requiring patience and fortitude by this monster.

Here’s why:

Asha was well-supervised, her days structured and predictable, her whereabouts always accounted for, the ‘with whoms,’ whens and wheres always known. So long as Asha’s parents were conscious, they knew where their daughter was, making penetrating this family’s shield a difficult one at best. This means that timing was crucial and calculated: to-the-minute.

Finding ‘that moment’ of vulnerability and accessibility took time, patience and inside knowledge.

I believe the sequence of events was well-established, played again and again in this monster’s mind, written down and reviewed; all that was left to do was determining the ‘right’ time. Because Asha’s family didn’t have a computer and Asha didn’t have her own cell phone, she would need to be reminded of the ‘good secret’ I referenced earlier. He would have had to be assured the secret plans remained just that–a secret. Only someone with an in-person, weekly presence leading up to daily contact in the few days before Asha’s disappearance should be considered.

It doesn’t take a PHD in astrophysics to figure where I’m going, here.

Asha knew and trusted this person. Asha’s parents knew and trusted this person. The community knew and trusted this person.

Do I think this monster is a blood relative? No, I don’t; rather, I think this person is right on the ‘cusp’ of family. He’s someone the Degrees would have for Thanksgiving if he had no place to go. He may even be entrusted to babysit in a pinch and I believe if revealed, this ‘Average Joe’s’ identity would come as a shock to the community.

On the next page, I’ll describe what I believe is a plausible scenario and why.


Page Poser: Do you think that Asha’s sheltered world makes understanding what happened to Asha easier among all the other missing children possibilities we’ve heard about in the last decade or two?  


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