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The Clothes Asha Was Wearing & What They Tell Us


It is reported in the wee hours of predawn, Monday morning, Asha’s brother, O’Bryant saw his sister get up from her bed, go to the bathroom, return and get back into her bed. Then, sometime later, the bed squeaks; O’Bryant pays no mind to the noise, as he merely thought his sister was moving about while sleeping.

It’s believed Asha left the house on her own accord. It’s here we’re left to wonder what happened.


Where did Asha go and why?


All that is ‘known’ is Asha left out one of the two exterior doors. These doors can be unlocked without a key from inside, so with the way these locks work, one can lock it from the inside, step outside, shut the door and it be locked without using a key outside.

Asha did not wear or take any winter gear; everything for keeping warm was still inside the home.

The February weather was cold, foggy and it was raining; it had been that way for awhile. From news accounts, it is believed Asha was spotted dressed only in bleached-white jeans, white shirt and white sneakers–certainly not winter-friendly nor suited for all that rain, especially if one is to spend an extended period of time outside.

And within just five minutes of being outdoors Asha would be cold and wet–quite uncomfortable. It’s this choice of clothing (or lack thereof) that is quite telling and follows my theory that an adult–one Asha knew and trusted–is responsible for the chain of events.

Remember, Asha’s world is very small and even her own cousin, Marion Crews is reported as saying, “She won’t even go with me unless her parents say it is OK.”  Her own cousin.

On the next page, I’ll present my theory about why Asha wasn’t wearing adequate clothing.


Page Poser: At this information stage, are you more convinced of my proposed theory or do you have your own ideas about Asha’s disappearance?



  1. Kristen says:

    The fact that she did not have at least a coat on leads me to believe she did not intend on walking anywhere outside at all. That makes me think that someone was picking her up in a vehicle and that she knew this, or that she was only going outside to give someone something or meet them briefly with the intention of returning inside.

    Is there any possibility someone slipped into the house to take her? Look at the Elizabeth Smart case, she was abducted from inside her home with a sibling close by.

    Thanks again for any insight!


    • findingasha says:

      We are only left to guess on the particulars, but LE didn’t secure the house and yard, so that makes
      what evidentiary value might have existed null. I won’t go into the home’s layout for privacy’s sake,
      but I’m sure most of us can visualize the horror of someone entering our own homes, and learn from the
      Smart case. I don’t see a connection though.


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