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A Wish List: What I Need From You


It’s going to take a village to  find Asha; I can write a blog but I can’t do it all. Here’s where I depend on your expertise, experience and physical strength to help bring Asha’s case to a close for better or worse.

Here’s my wish  list:

  • Paid Proposal: I need a local to Shelby, NC to film the 1.3 mile trek along  HWY 18 at 4:00 a.m. I know it’s quite a request with the early-morning requirement but this information is vital to strengthening the argument that Asha couldn’t have made any appreciable distance in the amount of time from the case’s timeline. I don’t believe a child of Asha’s height and stride could have made her way to the intersection in the perceived time. Ideally, if one could be so committed to make the trek in the rain, it would be ideal. Full credit will be given and an entire  page will be dedicated to your efforts. $40.00 will be paid via Paypal (or agreed upon method) upon successful receipt of a usable video during a non-rain event. $60.00 will be paid during a rain event. Email me prior to your walk at:
  • Paid Proposal: I’m working on getting a video from the March 14th 2000 airdate of The Montel Williams Show, Help! My Loved One is Missing!. I’ll remove this item if I’m successful in obtaining the video from CBS. If you’re in possession of the video, I’d love to have it or a copy. Pay is $30.00 upon receipt of usable video via Paypal (or agreed upon method).   Email me to set up a transfer of the video at: 

*Usable refers to a clear visual with clear audio

  • Professionals:  Much appreciated are professional opinions from: Search & Rescue K-9 operators, experienced psychologists in the field of classic and/or operant conditioning, experts on hypothermia, and sleep patterns, members of law enforcement, criminal profilers, professional trackers, off-road enthusiasts and other professionals with valuable opinions. All opinions will be fully-accredited with links and any other references you request.

I’ll be adding things as they become necessary to this venture in finding Asha, Shelby’s Sweetheart.

Page Poser: Do you have a service, opinion or suggestion that can lend to the efforts of finding Asha?  

NOTE: Again, my apologies for the wacky letters, ‘XX’ in my title, here. Since the program orders pages alphabetically, I’ve had to resort to adding my own letter system so the pages are correctly placed.



  1. Sherran Osborne says:

    if it was dark how could someone see the green car?and why would they drive around lesving articles of hers?


    • Well, again, Sherran, you are very perceptive. I wondered how someone might see the rust in the car’s wheel well. But, I don’t have all the information and I’m left feeling less than hopeful. Perhaps this witness saw things in the daylight? Hmmm . . .


  2. Danie says:


    I read about Asha’s story in Wikepedia. I looked for more information and i got to visit your website. I can see that you’ve had lot of information coming through. I do not know if anybody had suggested this before, but i think Asha’s friend/ friends might have some answers to this. A girl of Asha’s age, could not have made up plans for leaving the house unless she had it probably planned it with a friend/ or had it confined with a friend. I’m assuming that her friend could not join in with her due to some reason. It might also be, that the plan had somehow reached/ was somehow overheard by a third person, who showed up instead of her friend.

    I do hope Asha will be found.



    • I’m with you Danie, I hope Asha will be found and I don’t think she had it in her to plan anything alone. We’ll have to play that awful ‘waiting game’ I’m not fond of. But I do see us all finding the answer by sharing different insight. Thank you so much!


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