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Love from the World Over: Sleuths Around the World Looking for Asha Degree


As I mentioned, bringing Asha Jaquilla Degree home will take a collective effort via the theory, six degrees of separation, where we are all a mere six people away from anyone in the world. Closure is a collective effort from many minds coming together: someone ‘who knows someone, who knows someone, who knows someone’ (repeat this phrase one more time; it’s that simple.

WE can do this!

Here’s a list of countries represented by someone who cares:

Algeria, Singapore, Turkey, Taiwan, Thailand, Kenya, Luxembourg,Bahamas, Chile, Colombia, Netherlands, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom, Norway, Canada, Argentina, South Africa, South Korea, Serbia, Sweden, Australia, Brazil, Denmark, Malaysia, France, Hong Kong, SAR China, Croatia, India, Trinidad/Tobago, and Vietnam!

Also, the biggest amount of views in one day was 2,982! It’s imperative that we pass this site along on crime sleuth and social sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace–anywhere–if we’re to get that ONE piece of information investigators need to bring Asha home. It only takes a minute to share.

Asha’s and all unsolved missing child cases need a collective effort to bring their families closure.

NOTE: Those crazy ‘Zs’ in the title are my effort to keep the pages in order. if someone knows a better way to keep ordered, please let me know. Thanks to all!



  1. Jojo says:

    Hello there, I’m from England. I just discovered this website after following a link from a discussion about a missing English boy, Andrew Gosden. Someone mentioned that the Andrew Gosden case reminded them of this case.
    I remember reading Asha’s name somewhere before but had no idea of the details of her case. Until now. What a terrible loss of this gorgeous little girl:( I dont understand why nobody stopped and asked her if she was OK when they saw her walking alone at that time of day. I feel you’re absolutely right about this being the work of somebody close to her family. She was out there to meet with someone she trusted implicitly. I just can’t see any other reasonable scenario given the type of child she was and the decent hone life she had etc.
    I plan on looking into Asha’s case some more. It’s a fascinating one. Its great that you care so much about Asha.
    I hope one day she is found safe and well. Or if not, that the monster responsible is brought to justice.


    • findingasha says:

      Hi JoJo, Thanks so much for taking the time to visit my blog, helping Asha’s family.

      I feel your sentiments on Asha’s disappearance being a tragedy–especially for an obedient, 9-year-old.

      I did find information about one of the witnesses/motorists turning around 3 times to see if he could help and reporting Asha ran into a patch of woods. I believe the witness but I don’t believe with Asha’s fear of dogs (I just found there were dogs in that area at the time), that she would have just run into woods (did you see the highway page?). It’s pitch black out there. I don’t think law enforcement) LE did a recreation walk/run of that area. It would have been clear Asha couldn’t have seen where she was going. Hmmm . . .

      You never know, you or someone reading might know something, be familiar with something similar to Asha’s case that could help solve the many unknowns. Feel free to leave comments any time–even if you don’t agree or need to correct me. This case, while solvable, needs many fresh minds melding with those very familiar with the case. Thanks again, JoJo! 🙂


  2. Fiona says:

    I’m from the UK and have recently come across Asha’s story. I think you have done a brilliant job of setting out such an informative and detailed website dedicated to her. I am going to continue to re-read all the parts of your website daily until a light ‘comes on’ in my mind and a piece of the puzzle jumps out at me! I believe as you do that it is only time before her case is solved, one way or another. Thinking of her and again, thank you for such a well constructed and thoughtful website – you have our support in the UK!


    • findingasha says:

      Thanks so much for your positive comment, Fiona.
      It’s good that you mention you’ll be looking back over the material,
      as every time I do, I see something else! I believe Asha’s case needs
      to be looked at from page one to finish by LE to get the attention it

      I appreciate the UK support and believe if we all put in our insight
      Asha’s disappearance will be solved.

      Thanks again!


  3. Silber says:

    I’m from Germany. Wishing you and foremost the family to finally find Asha.


  4. al rosemeyer says:

    hi – only today became aware of this case so very sad, i’m in the uk too, i found a link on proteacher, that linked to this and andrew gosden’s disappearance – both cases are very odd and have similar traits – hope one day soon an answer is found keep up the good work


  5. susannah bloom says:

    I’m in the US and I am praying for this girl to return home safe to her family. It makes me so upset and frustrated that the witnesses who reported seeing her along the highway didn’t call the police, especially the man that circled around and claimed she ran into the woods! If you see something, say something! It’s so important to not fall into the bystander effect!


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